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Home Ground

Strategy. Transformation. Leadership.
Our philosophy

Strategy. Transformation. Leadership.

Startups, medium-sized companies or organizations - each company has three critical gateways - gates in a strategic sense - to pass through in its life cycle, sometimes several times. The right strategy will decide the direction of the company. Smart transformation is critical for speed, resources and efficient processes. And in times of transformation, you no more manage, you lead teams Leadership at its best. That is our philosophy. That is our home ground.

We design Strategy.

Business Modelling.Value Creation. Positioning.
Strategy Framework and Business Model.
With the Business Model Canvas we visualize new business models or structure existing ones. 
Value Proposition Design.
The focus here is on products and services aligned with customer benefits and a value proposition. What does the customer want, what do I offer?
Visibility Framework.
Does everybody recognize you, are you noticed in the competitive environment? How do you present yourself? Check, strategic positioning, setting the course.
Strategy Services

We take responsibility for Transformation.

Digital. Omnichannel. Innovativ.
Transform smartly
A company is like an organism: it lives, changes, develops and transforms. Transformation is manifold: a startup enters the growth phase, a medium-sized company digitalizes processes, M&A and integration or company succession ...
Go Omnichannel. Go Digital.
By implementing marketing and sales automation tools at the latest, all processes will be digital, omnichannel, and even innovation processes need to be integrated. You now need a new basis for market management.
Gateway to success
Companies need to get up to speed quickly in order to keep up in a new lifecycle stage: Implement tools, processes - it's about inventory, target agreement, solutions.  
Transformation Services

We believe in Leaders.

Leadership at its best.
Leaders need Sparring Partners.
Nobody is born with a golden leadership badge. It doesn't matter whether you're young, new to the job, a female, a startup founder, or facing agile management for the first time. Everybody needs a sparring partner, a peer group to talk to, or a team to train with. 
As part of our CSR activities, we focus on young professionals. We are convinced that ability has nothing to do with age or gender. We therefore support young professionals and female leaders and engage in hands-on mentoring programs.
We support you as a Leader.
Effiziente Führung hat viel damit zu tun, ob Ihre Strategie Fahrt aufnimmt und Ihr Team hinter Ihnen steht. Für Young Professionals und Female Leaders erarbeiten wir mit ausgewählten Mind- und Leadership-Trainers an punktgenauen Leadership-Programmen.  


Stay tuned.