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Transformation and Growth

Our services at a glance.

Transformation and growth need a strategic framework. We support Corporates and Scale Ups / PropTechs with their strategic development, with match-making to the right partners or investors and we provide consulting and support during project implementation. 

Strategy Workshops and Consultancy for Corporates and PropTech / Scale Ups

We offer interactive workshops and sessions for strategic alignment, incremental and disruptive transformation, and growth strategies validation.

Our core offer is a basic workshop and, if required, interactive work sessions, also remotely. We work on defined tasks and questions with one or alternating teams in your company. Our methodology is proven and the content is focused exclusively on your tasks. The objectives are defined in advance, and the findings are presented to everyone.

Strategy Modules

Corporates | Workshop
Business Modelling
Business modeling makes it possible to visualize and structure a business model. The canvas technique is suited for incremental as well as disruptive innovations and the redesign of business units, products, and services.
Corporates | Workshop
Potential analysis and 
Value Proposition Design.
Identifying potential in the company and initiating it. So how can innovation and property technology support you in this? In this process, your customer benefit is matched with your value proposition.
Scale Up | PropTech | Workshop
GO PUBLIC - More visibility and spot-on positioning on the market
You want to distinguish yourself from the competition and want to work on your visibility. We provide the strategic framework that will enable you to position yourself uniquely in the market.
Scale up | PropTech  | Workshop
BRAND-IT - strategic growth in marketing and sales 
Now it's time to venture out of your comfort zone. You will need defined processes, tools and a global strategic plan for marketing and sales activities. This workshop is about the assessment of the current situation, the concrete objectives and the strategic framework for globally effective marketing and sales planning and initiatives.
Custom Consulting
We offer hands-on and supervising services for all strategic topics as 1:1 support and 1:team for Real Estate Corporates and Scale Ups/ PropTechs, also as an advisory board role.


Tech partners and tech tools ensure staying ahead of the game in times of transformation. We bring Scale ups and Corporates together and drive innovation.

Im Real Estate Business ist unser PropTech Network im DACH-Raum historisch gewachsen und wir verfügen heute über eine Datenbank mit mehr als 400 PropTech-Unternehmen im deutschsprachigen Raum, die Lösungen zur Digitalisierung des Immobilien-Lebenszyklus anbieten.

Unternehmen können auf ein umfangreiches Service zählen, wenn es um das perfekte Match-Making geht sowie das fundierte Fact Finding als Starting Point bei der Auswahl. 

Project implementation support

This is about supporting the implementation of strategic projects over a certain period of time. For example, if you are a Real Estate Company and have chosen to collaborate with a PropTech Company and you would like to define milestones and strategic "gateways" and you have to monitor them. For instance, also if you are a PropTech Scale-Up and are now designing the blueprint for global marketing and sales during implementation. Let us be your team coach (also remotely). If desired, also over a prolonged or interim consulting period. Our deliverables are hands-on - at the conclusion, you will actually witness a result that is being implemented instantly.

Support Modules

Corporate | Project Implementation
PropTech deployment and corporate gateways
Following the PropTech Screening and the subsequent initial Fact-Finding, it was decided that you want to implement further strategic milestones together with a PropTech Company. In this case we support you in defining the Corporate Gateways, the Milestones to be reached and we support you as your right hand to the project manager of your company.
Scale Up | PropTech | Project Deployment
Marketing/Sales plan and programs
Brand your Company: We work together to create mid- to long-term marketing and sales plans and complete these plans with strategic milestones and marketing programs as well as initiatives.

PropTech Investor Services

If you are an investor who intends to invest in a PropTech Company, we would be pleased to introduce you to suitable investment profiles selected from our PropTech pool. 

Leadership Support

Efficient leadership has a lot to do with whether your strategy gains momentum and if your team is behind you. For young professionals and female leaders, we are happy to be your sparring partner.


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