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Transformation and Growth

Our services at a glance.

Transformation and growth need a strategic foundation. We support SMEs, corporates and scale-ups in developing and adapting business models and business plans, as well as strategic positioning and scaling on (international) sales markets. We are also delighted to provide advice and support for implementing projects in this regard.  

Strategy Workshops 

We work through interactive workshops and sessions, on a daily or hourly basis at your site, externally or remotely - with one team or with alternating teams in your company. The methodology is proven, the content focus is precisely defined in advance and the results are shared with all participants.

Strategy Modules


Business Modeling

Business modeling is suitable for visualizing business models using the canvas technique as well as a basis for your business plan.
+ For (new) products / services / business areas
+ With incremental and disruptive innovations
+ For new markets / new customer groups
+ Define value proposition (customer benefit)
+ Define earnings and growth potential
Identify positioning

Strategic positioning & value creation

In this workshop on Strategic Positioning & Value Creation, we will develop the framework conditions for a medium and long-term alignment and approach.
+ Vision/Mission
+ Strategy and "continous thread through all measures"
+ Competitors, market players, influencers
+ Target group and value creation
+ Overview: road-to-market, scenarios
Scaling and growing
BRAND-IT - strategic scaling and growing your marketing and sales 
Now it's time to move out of the comfort zone. You now need defined processes, tools and a (global) strategic plan for marketing and sales activities. The workshop is about taking a stock-taking, setting concrete objectives and the strategic framework for global marketing and sales plans and initatives. 
+ The basis is your business model and your strategic positioning
+ Marketing and sales operations fitness check (processes, tools, resources)
+ Definition of strategic success factors and corner stones
+ Marketing plan based on the 4-pillar principle
+ Routes-to-Market for direct and indirect sales
Scaling and growing
Strategisch Skalieren im Leistungs- und Serviceangebot
Bestandsaufnahme, Zielsetzungen und das Produkt/Serviceplan Framework und Realisierungsplan für 1-3 Jahre
+ Basierend auf Business Model, strategischer Positionierun
+ Fitness-Check von Value Proposition und Nutzen/Wert Versprechen
+ Strategischer Realisierungsplan nach dem 4-Säulen-Prinzip
More visibility
GO PUBLIC - More visibility in the public spotlight
You want to stand out from the competitors and increase your visibility. We build the strategic framework you will need for global marketing and sales plans Public Relations.
+ The basis is your strategic positioning and your marketing plan
+ Assessment of competitor communication
+ Defining content and milestones
+ Planning und Timetable
+ Outcome assessment

Project Implementation

This involves providing support for the implementation of strategic projects for a certain period of time.. 

We are your team coach (also remotely). If required, we also provide advice over a longer or interim period. Our services are hands-on with extensive practical know-how. 


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